DEQUALS was founded in early 2009 and brought together the know-how, skills, and professional networks of a group of people, many of whom have been in education for over thirty years.

The main goal was to introduce educational services to the market, which were in demand and no one else had the experience to offer. One of them is the certification of educational, vocational, and training courses that do not fall into any of the known validation categories.

Another area of activity is the provision of consulting services to colleges in the countries where the company operates. These services include consulting and technical support that makes it possible for them to franchise foreign university degrees and programs.

DEQUALS also collaborated with Certification Bodies. In some cases, it promoted and administered examinations, while in others it collaborated with schools and colleges to certify their students. Right now, this activity is attracting a lot of attention from our client colleges. As it is introduced by many large colleges, it is likely to be copied by the smaller ones. We expect that the demand for certification services will increase very rapidly over the next three to five years.[