Introduction to Web Development

Course Description 

In this course, you will learn how to design and develop web pages and sites which form the presentational backbone of the web.  You will learn about different types of content in the web and develop the skills necessary to create and style  Web pages.

The course will teach you the de-facto web languages
  • HTML and  CSS, using a  modern web development environment called the JetBrains WebStorm.

Who is it for

The  Web development industry offers individuals and companies alike a way to communicate information. In Business, the web provides ways to advertise products and services to worldwide audiences using multimedia and immerse technology

  • It is for anyone who wants to learn  web development
  • English language: Candidates should have a qualification for English Language at Level B1 (or equivalent)
  • Basic web  browsing experience such as  accessing a page, refreshing, moving backward and forward, in history, and so on

No other prior knowledge is required!

The assessment consists, of coursework assignments and an online multiple-choice examination. 

For the multiple-choice examination candidates will need to have 60% correct answers to pass the examination.

Results are graded as  Distinction, merit, Pass, or Fail.

Candidates of this course could potentially progress or branch out to several other courses.

  • Learn Javascript (branch)
  • Learn Bootstrap (branch)
  • Learn JQuery (Branch)
  • Dynamic web pages using PHP(branch)
  • Web Development ( Direct Progression)

Learners attending this course will:

  • Learn about  the web and how it works
  •  Develop the skills needed to create and style basic  webpages
  • Creating a stepping-stone for progressing in more advanced web development
  1. Introduction to Course and Visual Studio code
  2. Introduction to HTML
  3. HTML basic elements
  4. Ds and  classes, Introduction to CSS
  5. Semantic elements
  6. Further CSS
  7. HTML forms
  8. Input Validation
  9. Table and Lists
  10. HTML5 Multimedia