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Frequently Asked Questions

People from the age of 16 and onwards can attend.

Technically it is possible but in practise it is almost impossible.

CEFR: Minimum of B2

IELTS: 5, 5

Cambridge first Certificate

By completing the online Application Form and one of our consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.

For certifications, you may apply at any time throughout the year. For University programmes please see details for specific courses at each University.

You have to complete the online application form and further guidance will be provided by one of our consultants.

You may upload the appropriate materials on the application form.

After you have completed the counselling process form you will receive a follow-up email on how to proceed with registration.

Please inquire for the course you are interested in to receive the tuition fee for that particular course.

You may direct any questions about your bill through the payments email.

You may pay through bank transfer. Details to be provided when completing the application form.

Yes, our courses are provided anywhere in the world.

The courses are designed for those who wish to teach English professionally online and offline around the world to speakers of other languages.

English Language Teaching (ELT) is an Internationally recognized certificate that allows its holders to teach English everywhere around the world to speakers of other languages.

It is a certification regulated by OfQual UK, whose global recognition makes the accredited qualifications accepted throughout the world.

Candidates for the English Language Teaching and Assessment Certificate may include those:

  1. Need to personally develop, or extend their skills, within a career in teaching;
  2. With limited qualifications or experience in teaching English to adults;
  3. who wish to consolidate their understanding and/or gain a recognised qualification in teaching the English Language.

You can only start for free the courses that are offered free.  You need to pay for the paid courses in order to be able to start the course.

If you are not able to finish the courses before the end date, you will need to enroll again in the same course to be eligible to be eligible for a certificate in the new enrollment

You need to have a good   level of the English language. Some courses do not have prerequisites and some other courses do have prerequisite. You have to check   about the courses that you are interested.  At the menu Browse courses of professional  studies and MBA and  you can find the courses requirements for the professional studies or an MBA.  Short courses don’t have prerequisites.

Short courses  and professional studies you can apply anytime. MBA runs twice a year.

 You can take short courses as you wish. As for the courses bundles you need to take the courses bases on prerequisites as well as for the professional studies.  If you do have enquires please don’t hesitate to contact us to offer you advisement.

You need to contact estudyquals. You can call us, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber +357 99801361 or send us email to

You can find the short courses to improve your skills or browse courses for professional studies or MBA. Check out the courses to learn more and enroll. Once you have enrolled to the courses you will appear on the estudyquals dashboard.   You will be able to login from My Account.  You will able to see your courses that you have enrolled or completed.

At this time most of the courses   of estudyquals are in English

 You can receive a UK accredited diploma for the professional studies. ( Ofqual, LRN)

You can receive a UK endorses Certifications.

All short courses certifications  are CPD.

You can find your program certificate at my account at each course completed. Login to your account for short courses  Log In – Estudyquals


You can find your program  at my account at each course completed

My Account – ESTUDYQUALS  

Yes, you will have a different Diploma. Some are regulated and some  are endorsed. You will receive a Paper copy Diploma

Yes, you will have a different Diploma. You will receive a Paper copy Diploma ,  the University  Diploma

Estudyquals can not send individual printed copies for the Short courses (CPD). You have to download and save the pdf file and print the certification

Estudyquals offer a free Certification for the free courses. You need to get a passing grade in order to be liable for the free certification. 

No, if you are studying for an accredited qualification then the certificate you receive when you successfully complete your studies is exactly the same whichever way you study.

Chartered Manager is  a prestigious award  as well as a professional recognition and is the highest status that can be achieved in the management and leadership profession.

Chartered Manager  is  an independent endorsement of a manager’s ability to manage and lead, and to make an essential contribution to the business  as well as to the economy. Furthermore, you can have an  additional pay rise of an average of 15000 euros.