Introduction to JAVA

Course Description 

In this course, you will learn how to write and run simple programs without having any previous programming experience. To provide context and motivation, examples and practical exercises relate loosely to different courses that you may progress onto.

The module uses a single programming language called Java and a programming environment called IntelliJ IDEA. However, it develops transferable programming skills by focusing on the fundamental concepts used in the majority of modern programming

Who is it for

  • It is for anyone who wants to learn  web development
  • English language: Candidates should have a qualification for English Language at Level B1 (or equivalent)
  • the  module requires basic knowledge of mathematics

No prior programming knowledge or experience is needed!

The assessment consists, of coursework assignments and an online multiple-choice examination. 

For the multiple-choice examination candidates will need to have 60% correct answers to pass the examination.

Results are graded as  Distinction, merit, Pass, or Fail.

Candidates of this course could potentially progress or branch out to several other courses.

  • Intermediate  java  
  • Advance  Java
  •  any  other programming  languages

Learners  who attend this  course  will develop skills in

  • Reading, writing, editing, compiling, debugging, and  testing  computer  programs
  • Analyzing problems  and designing  software solutions
  1. Introduction, motivation and setting up, IDEs
  2. Introduction to Java, variables, and data types
  3. Operation and precedence
  4. Conditionals and nesting
  5. User Input and Strings
  6. Loops
  7. Arrays
  8. Format I/O
  9. Function
  10.  Structures and classes