Master's Degree

ESTUDYQUALS offers UK MBA courses to suit learners’ current needs. An MBA is the top qualification for a career. It will undoubtedly open doors and boost your employment prospects, career, and salary. These MBA qualifications will prepare the learners to advance their understanding, their knowledge, and their skills to competitive levels within the Business arena.  ESTUDYQUALS courses are flexible, convenient to the learners as they can study at their own pace anytime, anywhere, any place 24/7.

We provide the learner with all the support they need to succeed in developing their educational goals.


The MBA Top-Up is a one-semester course leading to a very valuable qualification enhancing career opportunities and openings for exciting new jobs.

MBA triple qualification package

MBA triple qualification package, which combines a postgraduate Level 7 Diploma in Business Management with Chartered Manager status from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and ultimately an MBA from a UK University.